The Weakest Link

Whenever you are building a system either in your life or in your business I find it helps to constantly look for the weakest link in the chain. What is the weakest link? It is whatever constrains or holds back your ability to move forward at a faster pace.

For example lets say your goal is to exercise daily. You have a good workout plan, you decide to workout at 6 am everyday but when the alarm clock rings you hit snooze. What is the weakest link? It is motivation and getting yourself to actually do the exercise.

The point of this is that no amount of additional exercise books, nutrition or knowledge about exercise is going to help. The only thing that will fix this scenario is focusing on that pain point where you hit the alarm clock. What are some potential solutions?

> Getting a personal trainer to wake you up
> Making a deal with your spouse, roommates or family members to get you out of bed
> Making the exercise fun and easy
> Joining a club or working out with a friend

There are many options that you can choose from but what they all have in common is they try to address the weakest link in the chain which is what is arguably holding you back from your goals.

There is a book written about this called The Goal, which basically says to look for whatever is constraining or holding back your production line and address that.

What is holding back you from reaching your goals and how can you focus on fixing or improving that in order to reach your goals?


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