Many people like the movie Limitless, for me personally it is one of my favorites. Why? I think what I love about the movie is the fundamental idea that you could take a broke, depressed, nearly homeless "failure" and if you got that person to maximize their inherent abilities they would go so far it would be hard to believe it's the same person.

This points to some aspect of the human condition which is that we often don't need to become someone else in order to achieve our dreams, but rather we need to unleash that which is already within us. The idea is that if we could only tap into the best in ourselves it would be so much more than sufficient that we would exceed our own wildest dreams.

The next obvious question to this is how? How does a person go about actually doing this and achieving what they really want deep down in life? There are no particularly easy answers to these questions. I do have some suggestions:

> Remember times when you were at your best, what was different about your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, situation, environment, social group, and anything else.

> Imagine you were the person you really wanted to be right now, what do you think would be different? Have you ever been that person for even a moment? If so then how did you arrive there? Is it possible to replicate those steps?

Personally I think people need three things to achieve their best:

> Peak emotions
> Peak mental clarity and sharpness
> Peak physical health

With those three things I believe it is possible for anyone to be at their best and to become as close to being limitless as they can.


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