Tiny Habits During Quarantine

With all of the extra time available during the quarantine I think it is helpful to try to develop some tiny habits in order to improve your life. For example you could develop the habit of doing one pushup per day to improve your physical health, or being grateful for one thing to improve your mental health.

Small things often lead to big things and by starting small it requires little motivation and willpower. Instead it only requires a decision, to take a small step today to improve your life. To use the negatives of life and turn them into positives through a powerful mindset.

Here are some tiny habit ideas for today:
> One pushup
> Floss one tooth
> Save 10 cents in a jar
> Call one friend
> Appreciate something in your house
> Start a garden and plant one plant
> Write one word of a book

See what goals you want to achieve that you haven't been making progress towards and see if you can take a small step towards those habits today. Here are some of the tiny habits that I want to develop:

> Learn one word of Chinese
> Learn one word of French
> Learn one word of German
> Learn one word of Spanish
> Do one pushup
> Make one drawing
> Learn one new thing about math
> Learn one new thing about chemistry
> Learn one new thing about physics
> Learn one new thing about biology
> Learn one new thing about computer science

See what you can put on your list. You dont need to start with all of them today, you just have to get going!


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