The Importance of Flexibility

With the entire economy and the future looking uncertain it reminds me of how important it is to be flexible. You need to be able to move and jive along with the waves of life. How can you do this in these uncertain times?

> Ask yourself what opportunities there are
> Look for your strengths and how you can leverage them
> If you don't have money, can you barter time or goods for things you want?
> Look for what these uncertain times imply, and what opportunities will arise as a consequence

Basically you need to master the art of taking disadvantages and turning them into advantages by finding opportunity in consequences. Perhaps because of these uncertain economic times you fill find that things become cheaper, or people become more willing to do business.

If no one has cash, can you exchange things for other peoples time and leverage that time into productive capital? Creativity and a powerful perspective will help you to move through this uncertainty while taking advantage of the new opportunities that this opens up.


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