How do you create a beautiful life?

Right now with the coronavirus thing going on a lot of people have begun to focus on survival instead of on thriving. I think this is a mistake, while it is great to take precautions and to follow the latest understanding of science in preventing disease, you still need to focus on creating a beautiful life.

I believe that when people make their primary focus simply survival they give up the things that inspire, excite and motivate them for things that are simply getting them by. Over time, they end up reaching their bare minimum, conserving everything but never getting anything they really want.

What is the solution? In my opinion it is to focus on creating a beautiful life while following the latest understanding of science to protect yourself and the people around you. It is separating emotions from actions, and logically doing what you need to do without letting that get you scared.

Now more than ever what we need is exciting and inspiring goals that we are pursuing in order to make our lives better.


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