How decisions form your life

Decisions are the stuff that life is made of. What we decide to do on a daily basis ultimately forms our lives, so decision making is extremely important. So I suppose that raises the question, why do some people make better decisions than others?

Is it that good decision makers think long and hard about each thing they will do before doing it? I would argue no. Is it that they are just smarter? Also I disagree. What I think it is, is that people who generally make better decisions have a better perspective and framework that helps them reach decisions.

In a nutshell, they look at decision problems with a different perspective than an average decision maker, and this perspective enables them to make better decisions. Assuming for a moment that this is true, how does a person acquire a better decision making perspective?

I argue that you acquire a better decision making perspective by changing the people you surround yourself with, the information you take in, and the biases you hold. By changing these three elements over time I believe you can acquire a stronger decision making framework that ultimately will lead to a better life.


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