Going Step By Step Ferociously

Jeff Bezos talks a lot about going step by step ferociously and I think it really is one of the most important things a person can do. The main idea is to do each and every step required to achieve something, to not cut corners but also to be very passionate about doing those steps.

What I see a lot are two major problems people seem to have, either:

1. They don't know what to do
2. They know what to do but do it without ferocity

Doing things step by step ferociously means putting a lot of energy, heart and passion into what you are doing. It means giving it your best, leaving no stone un-turned and pouring your heart into each and every step. It means not cutting corners and being able to say at the end of the day that you gave it everything you could.

Really when you think about it, if you can end each and every day by saying "I gave it everything I had, there was nothing left to give.
" Then imagine how much better each and every day would be. Furthermore, imagine how those days would compound into more and more success if you really poured your heart into doing every little step with complete intensity, passion, energy and with your very best effort.

So if you are not going step by step ferociously, try it today. Ask yourself what small steps you can take to move towards your goal, and do those small steps with your absolute best effort, passion and pour your heart into it.

Want to hear more? I have a podcast on this as well at https://soundcloud.com/philip-s-34924658/the-power-of-ferocity


  1. I like reading your blog everyday. Your blog is the inspiring voice in my head that helps me to improve. Don't stop writing.


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