Following Your Motivations

People often believe that they need to struggle in order to succeed. That it requires doing a lot of difficult things and giving up your natural inclinations. I actually think it is the opposite, people tend to succeed the most when they follow their motivations.

If you are not motivated to do something it is probably because:

1. You are unlikely to succeed
2. You do not enjoy it
3. You have other needs that need to be met first

Many people believe the only way to success is to ignore their emotions and to push on. I think that evolution has provided us with motivation in order to help us become more successful, rather than to be an obstacle in our way. As a result I say follow your motivations as much as possible.

What about a case where intellectually you know you need to do something contrary to your motivations? Look at the environment and conditions that are causing those motivations to occur.

Often motivations are temporal and dependent on the context and environment a person is in. By changing the context and environment you are able to change your motivations. For example if you often go out to restaurants to eat, an easy way to save money by eating out less it to move further away from the restaurants.

What if you cannot change the context or environment today? Then I would say you need to change your perspective on the action which will change your motivations. Lets take our restaurant example, suppose you knew that if you went to a restaurant today you would be poisoned and die a horrible death, suddenly your motivations have changed.

The situation is the same, but in your mind restaurants now have a different emotional motivation. In summary, we dont need to fight or resist our urges in order to succeed, we need to follow them and align what we know intellectually with what we know in our hearts.


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