Building The Machine

Today I am thinking about how I can build a better machine that produces results. Ray Dalio often talks about how you can think of an organization or even your life as a machine. Then your main job is to figure out how to design a better machine.

He talks about how any problem can be reduced to some issue in the machine, and if you want a different or better result in life, you only need to change the machine.

So I guess this has me thinking about how I can engineer a better machine in my own life to produce better results. Some of the ideas I have had are:

> Building better habits
> Incremental progress in the right direction
> Small bets which if they turn out well - become bigger bets and more.

I guess what all of these different ideas have in common is they attempt to approach life as a machine as Ray suggests and then look for ways of tweaking the machine. Much of our behavior is habitual, or unconscious in that we don't even realize we are doing it most of the time.

So in many ways we do operate like machines with instructions and processes we have not necessarily chosen for ourselves. So then I guess when you try to impartially look at your own life or organization and ask "What about the machine is producing this result?" it becomes clearer that your life conditions are a direct result of the way the machine of your life works.

So to me this is rather interesting. I guess some action items I have are:

> Looking for the output in my life I am dissatisfied with
> Looking at what part of the machine has produced that
> Looking for an alternate part to swap for that I believe will produce the desired result
> Testing it out and seeing what happens

So for me I am trying to do that with passive income, by working on more sources of passive income generation rather than relying constantly on salary based income.

What are your major goals and how can you swap parts in your machine to produce that outcome?



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