What you do on a consistent basis?

Aristotle is famously misquoted as saying that we are what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act but a habit, which is actually by William Durant who interpreted the words of Aristotle. Regardless of who wrote the quote it remains that it is a great concept.

The concept is that if you want to understand what will happen to a persons life you need only look at what they do on a daily basis. Tony Robbins says that most people struggle because they make things too complicated, and that he succeeds through simplicity. It is with these two things in mind that I try to merge them together and create a simple solution to life:

> What 3 things do you need to do on a consistent, daily basis to live the life you want?
> Do those three things above all else, consistently, and make it very painful to not do them

I think this pretty much sums up a lot of success in one, it uses things like the 80/20 rule along with other concepts. The heart of it is doing what is most important and doing it consistently, is really what so much of accomplishment boils down to. It is amazing how hard it can be to do that, which is where part 2 comes in.

Part 2 is using the power of now meditation to get yourself to do anything. One thing I realized is people perceive meditation and stoicism as making you dead to the world without ambition. It can lead down that road if done the wrong way, it can make you nihilistic and ambivalent about everything.

On the other hand it can make you nihilistic about everything you want to avoid. It can enable you to do whatever is hard using the same methods. Dont feel like doing something? Use stoicism and meditation to get yourself to do it anyways. It is amazing how many hard, will power sucking things you can instantly do when you just enter a meditative state and apply stoicism to whatever you are struggling with doing. 


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