What Do You Do On A Consistent Basis?

Tony Robbins said that what you do on a consistent basis determines the quality of your life, and Aristotle is misquoted as saying excellence is a habit not an act (which is an interpretation of his actual writings). So with that in mind, what do you do on a consistent, daily basis? Anyone you see who has attained a high level of excellence has done so by being consistent in a direction on a daily basis which has enabled them to achieve what they want in life.

Anyone who has an amazing body has eaten and worked out consistently. Anyone with great wealth has saved and managed their money well consistently. Anyone who has high grades has put in daily effort towards learning on a consistent basis. Thus people often look at the results but fail to pay attention to the daily actions that produced that result, which is what really matters.

Therefore in yourself see what you can do on a consistent basis that will produce the results you want in life. A little bit done consistently can be far more powerful than a lot done once in a while. The effects of compounding, learning and memory, all are in favour of doing a little bit over a long period of time. While intensity on a daily basis is important as well, knowing how to structure your day and use your time like money will help you to go further.

Invest your time in the same way you would invest money, a little bit of time invested in a single direction over a long period of time becomes much more valuable than a lot of time put in right at the end. We have a tendency to run from one race to another, and this causes us to be in a constant state of panic mode. The way to achieve freedom is to remove the panic mode by being disciplined and focused about how you invest your time, in the same way you would be disciplined and focused about how you invest your money.


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