The Magic of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm changes everything. It changes the level of effort you put into something, the amount of passion you have, it changes your energy levels and how everyone around you feels. It changes how people interact with you and the decisions they make about you. Enthusiasm is this magic elixir that makes everything you do more compelling, more exciting and of far greater quality.

Of anyone I have found who was extremely good at what they do, enthusiasm was always a common thread between them. They had a relentless joy, an excitement for what they were doing which would compel all of those around them. It was infectious, people and the whole world became better when a person had a relentless and boundless enthusiasm for life.

It enables you to persist and persevere through difficulties, and challenges when all others would give up. Enthusiasm is the fuel that enables people to do more than they thought they were capable of. Getting more enthusiasm is simple, ask yourself questions that make you feel more enthusiastic. A simple example is what am I excited about? What am I looking forward to? Why is what I am about to do highly motivating for me?


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