The Counter intuitive

The counter intuitive is that going directly for what you want can often prevent you from actually getting it. For example lets say you need to get a bunch of stuff done so you begin immediately doing it and ignore all of your needs in order to try to get it done. Oddly enough you actually accomplish less because you could have done breaks, renewal and high energy activities that make you more productive.

The essence of the counter intuitive is seeing the trees but not the forest. These people are able to see what is in front of them but unable to understand the larger consequences and implications of their behaviour. They think the fastest path to anything is straight but often that results in walking through mud. Another path may be slightly winding but there is no mud, so the end result is you get where you want to be much faster.

The hardest thing about the counter intuitive is what you prioritize. So if you prioritize your goal you may neglect the things that would actually make you able to achieve your goal. For example lets say you cut out 20 minutes of running in order to have an extra 20 minutes of work time. However the lost 20 minutes ends up biting you in the ass as the loss of energy from failing to work out, along with the higher levels of stress ends up killing you in the end.

So the wierdest thing about the counter intuitive is that which is natural and intuitive to people is also not optimal. So you have to get yourself to go against your own inclinations and tendencies in order to become more successful, which is counter intuitive to every intuition you have had.


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