How To Be At Your Best

We all would like to get the very best out of ourselves but how exactly can we do that? I think the best way is when we have a high degree of both confidence and accuracy. What I mean by that is our thoughts are well mapped to reality so we can accurately make good judgements. At the same time we have a high degree of positive thinking which enables us to positively move in the direction that we want to go. What I mean by that is we are having positive thoughts about the situation and ourselves that provides the motivation along with an obsessiveness for finding our own flaws, vulnerabilities and weaknesses that would prevent us from achieving the results that we really want.

This causes us to have a high level of achievement. There are several levels to being your best self:

> Mind
> Body
> Environment

Within the mind there are the emotions and the thoughts, both of these at a high level of quality will produce a better person than those without. What determines your emotions? Mostly your thoughts, judgements, evaluations, beliefs, habitual patterns and behaviours. As a result it stands that in order to have positive emotions you need positive thoughts, beliefs, patterns and behaviours that lead to the results you want to obtain. Many people attempt to do this but they fail to maintain momentum, in which case I want to present the hourly mental cleanse:

> Work in sessions of 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break, during which you devote some time to mentally resetting your mind to be at a high level of performance through positive thoughts which generate positive emotions.

There is also the body, energy for example is tightly related to your metabolism and your physical well-being. Therefore try to have high energy through a healthy diet, healthy habits like running, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle that treats your body as if it were a temple.

Finally the environment we are in can be positive or negative. Finding ergonomic work practices helps a lot, along with a positive group of people and a high energy environment. For example Casinos can keep people going for a long time by pumping oxygen and maintaining a high level of stimulation through lights, sounds, etc. Therefore you can also raise your own performance overnight just by changing the environment you are in as well.  


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