How Do You Really Change?

Throughout your life you have gradually changed into a new person, how did you do that? I would argue that almost all change happens because you became aware of mistakes and then you tried to not make those mistakes in future situations, which has caused you to be different now.

I argue that any behaviour change is the result of being aware that your current behaviour is maladaptive in some way then consciously trying to adopt a new behaviour in that same situation. Overtime as you become aware of the situations where you need to execute this behaviour it becomes a gradual habit. Finally you become unconsciously aware of what you are doing and it is simply you.

That means anything you want to change about yourself may very well come down to:

1. Being aware something is maladaptive
2. Consciously trying to adopt an adaptive behaviour, thought, emotion, etc. in the same situation
3. Trying and failing, trying again until it becomes an automatic habit
4. You are now a different person


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