Finite Consistency

One of the problems I am running into is although I am better at managing my time and I can break everything into reasonable blocks that I manage, I face the problem of time management getting out of control. I spend extra time on some tasks and then not enough time on other tasks. A simple solution to this which could actually enhance productivity is interleaving every 50 minutes with meditation on top of that.

So one of the issues I have been facing is I will do 5 hours of time on one task and then little or no time on other tasks but what I really need are equally distributed runs of time.

How will I do this? The idea is to have a set time each day where I will do my important work, then do 50 minutes of a task before switching to the next task and do a maximum of 3 important tasks per day.

1. Task 1 50 minutes
2. Task 2 50 minutes
3. Task 3 50 minutes
4. Task 1 50 minutes.
5 etc.

By doing things in this way I can get more consistent, at least that is what I hypothesize.


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