Entering Into Full Engagement

How do you get the best out of yourself? One of the core problems is a lack of full engagement and intensity. Given that there are a limited number of hours in the day available, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to get the most out of yourself by simply working more hours. Another approach is to try to get more out of every hour through full engagement and disengagement. That is, when you do something you do it full and completely at a high level of intensity and quality. Then when you are not doing it you completely disconnect from the task to relax and recover. Many people believe that this method produces far more superior results in comparison to being in a grey zone of multi-tasking and never fully doing any single thing.

So how do you get into full engagement? Mainly by simply deciding to fully engage and shutting off all else, then entering into full engagement by consciously choosing to disconnect completely when you stop. In other words, when you do work you work fully and completely, then when you dont work you don't touch it at all. You stop thinking about it, stop emails and phone calls, everything.

This balance of engagement and disengagement allows you to enter into flow where you are completely working towards a task and this in turn enables you to perform at a very high level of intensity and energy. 


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