Deep Work

How do you work deeper? One of the things I have realized is that in an age of distraction people are mentally exhausted. I think that renewal is probably the solution, high quality renewal matched with deep quality work. The way you get into a grey zone of information overload and desensitization is by having a lot to do, no renewal and no regeneration. It makes you less effective and productive. There needs to be a balance and the solution is in every moment, make whatever you do at a very high level of quality.

Whether work or play, everything needs to be done at the highest level of quality. So you work very intensively and very deeply then you break and release, doing very high quality recovery that renews you at a 10/10 if possible. This kind of balance will help you to achieve more.

However achieving more is not the only benefit, you will feel better and become more renewed through greater depth and high quality fulfillment.


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