Attitude Isn't The Only Thing, It Is Everything

Everyone from Michael Phelps to top students all believe that our inner attitudes of mind have a profound effect on our performance. In fact Victor Frankl wrote about attitude almost completely in his book Man's Search for Meaning. The heart of the matter is that our attitudes determine our evaluations and our evaluations determine our beliefs, our beliefs determine our actions and our actions determine our life.

So the heart of the matter is that our attitudes are profoundly important, even if you think you have a good attitude, good is not good enough. You want to have an outstanding attitude, you want to be uncommon amongst the uncommon. You want to be the 1% of the 1% by having the best, most amazing attitude that anyone has ever seen.

The inner attitude that you have towards your life and yourself, determines your life. When you have a bad attitude achieving anything is hard, but with a great attitude even huge mountains can be climbed and conquered. Alexander the Great once said that we have always waged a war against fear and people are either conquered by it or they conquer it. Those who conquer their fear rule over those who fail to do so.

We also wage a war against negative attitudes, those with negative attitudes don't try as hard, don't go as far and ultimately fail to live the life of their dreams. They end up working for more positive people who in turn put in greater effort and tried harder and longer. 


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