Update in 2019

Well it is 2019 and many things have happened. I learned that setting intrinsic goals really helps a lot, and extrinsic goals can distract you. For example when I set the goal of losing weight I found as soon as the extrinsic goal was achieved I tended to fall back into my old habits. Another example, in internet marketing I obsessed over whether or not I was making money right away, and as a result I gave up as soon as the results were negative.

The lesson in all of this is that sometimes to achieve the external things you would like to have, it is often better to set goals based on the actions you would take rather than the external things you would like to have. I have been able to lose weight and keep it off by not trying to lose weight, instead just trying to have healthier habits which I can monitor forever.

Reflecting back on my previous failures in internet marketing I believe a lack of grit was a major cause, and the cause for a lack of grit had to do with focusing on the external. So now I am focused on my own actions, I am writing for the sake of writing regardless of what the outcome is. The purpose is not to build an income, the purpose is the pride of accomplishment in sticking through with something that I could so easily give up on.


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