The Counterintuitive

Today I tried something simple and strange. It follows from a series of thought experiments. The thought experiments work as follows:

1. What is 100% in your control?
2. Of those things which are 100% in your control, which one would have the biggest positive impact on your life?
3. Try to do that all day

The wierdest thing is what I hypothesize will have the biggest positive impact on my day is resisting being and accomplishing everything I want. Wow sounds crazy right? However what I noticed is my subconscious is in a continual state of resistance towards whatever I am trying to achieve. I try to go left and it tries to go right. The wierdest thing is I have already started to become more productive by trying to NOT accomplish what I want. Oddly, when you look at things from that frame of mind, you have a different perspective and suddenly become hyper aware of everything that moves you away from your goal.

Super wierd. I think the heart of the reason why it has helped is because it gives you a different perspective on a familiar situation, trying to achieve something. People are also remarkably better at resisting than achieving. Ask someone to resist and refuse what another person wants them to do and they are far better than doing what another person wants. I think society gives us a massive amount of practice at resisting things, resisting advertising, resisting politicians, idols, leaders, we practice as children resisting everything our parents want us to do. So its wierd but it seems like reverse psychology helps.


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