The Counterintuitive Failed

Well here I was thinking that the counter-intuitive was such a good idea but you know what? Reflecting back, I actually didn't accomplish nearly as much as I could have, or as much as I wanted to. So what is the solution to these problems then? I think one potential solution is just structure. The highest performance I have had was when I had the most structure to help me maintain high performance. The times when I had the worst performance was when I had the least structure. For example:

> Having clear goals for every hour
> Having a timer for each hour
> Having a timer for my breaks
> Monitoring what I am doing with my time
> Having a plan for the day

All of these things combined made it easy for me to succeed and excel. The times when I struggled the most are when I used none of these things. I also think that your emotions and physical health play a huge role, as it is difficult to be productive and effective when you do not feel great. So in addition to these things, taking care of the system as a whole makes a huge difference.


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