Results on Extrinsic and Intrinsic Goals

Well my attempt to set an intrinsic only goal resulted in disaster, the problem was simple, I failed to noticed when what I was doing was going to slow and then as a result I failed to meet the deadline I had. As a result I could have completed everything much faster if I simply had deadlines for each sub-assignment and a contingency plan for what to do if I failed to meet those deadlines. That should have been a trigger to change the approach I was taking and adopt a new, better, more effective approach. Instead I continued on engaging in the same unproductive behavior because it was a part of my intrinsic goal.

So as a result I now focus on things like swim times and other measures of performance which are still not goals like getting a gold medal or getting an A. The external aspect of the goal however enables me to get perspective and feedback on my own plan and behaviors, and whether or not that is actually working. I assumed that my plan was worked but I failed to realize how long it would take to execute that plan. In hindsight I should have gone directly for the result.

So what I need are KPI's key performance indicators that enable me to know whether or not I am on track based on what my intrinsic goals are and if not, to be alerted based on it and to change the behaviors I am engaging in.

So the new understanding is to set goals, set mini goals which are KPI's and then set intrinsic goals and intrinsic motivation. The one thing that did work was focusing on what motivated me intrinsically about doing it. So it may be that it is intrinsic-extrinsic goal setting and intrinsic motivation or intrinsic-extrinsic goal setting and intrinsic-extrinsic motivation, the jury is out on that one, the theory suggests it is intrinsic motivation. However I can think of instances where your performance would be enhanced with an extrinsic reward such as believing you would get a million dollars if you achieved this goal.


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