New 30 Day Challenge

Well since the law of attraction turned out to be total bullshit I have decided to do something different. I have a bunch of ideas about how to succeed based upon books. So I am going to implement all of my knowledge about success and see what happens over the next 30 days.

I am going to measure success based on how much money I have and condition it that acquiring that money must not negatively affect the rest of my life.

So starting off I have to get specific:

> I will acquire $10,000 in the next 30 days
> I will know I have achieved success when on November 1st I have $10,000 in cash in my hands.

Next I have to get specific about the obstacles that lie in my way:

> My return on time is too low to make that amount of money in 30 days
> I do not have money to invest
> I do not have a preponderance of time and energy
> I do not know how I will do it
> I do not have a plan

Next I have to imagine how I will feel after I have attained my goal:

I will feel awesome and fantastic about having attained my goal, my self-esteem will be higher, I will have financial independence, lower stress, greater self-esteem and greater enthusiasm.

Now I have to list a positive aspect and contrast it with a obstacle

My return on time is too low to make that amount of money in 30 days
I will feel awesome and fantastic about having attained my goal
I do not have money to invest
My self esteem will be higher
I do not have a preponderance of time and energy
I will have financial independence
I do not know how I will do it
I will have lower stress
I do not have a plan
I will feel great and be enthusiastic
I might overspend my money
I will be financially free for a while

Next I have to create an if then plan for each action to counteract an obstacle I  in advance

If my return on time is too low to make that amount of money in 30 days then I will search for ways to increase my return on time
If I do not have money to invest then I will use other peoples money, invest my time, energy and talent
If I do not have a preponderance of time and energy then I will invest what I have and find ways to increase it
If I do not know how I will do it then I will get creative, seek out help and find a way
If I do not have a plan then I will make one and improve it as I go
If I might overspend my money then I will track my expenses and aim for $20 per day in spending
If I am not self-monitoring then I will monitor my progress on this blog everyday
If I am focusing on how much I have accomplished then I will focus on how far I have left to go
If I doubt myself then I will believe I will succeed with a lot of hard work
If I feel confident about my will power then I will underestimate my will power
If I am trying to achieve my goal then I will visualize the steps I need to take to make success happen

I am supposed to widen my options so I could:

> Do sales
> Put together business deals
> Do construction
> Do computer programming
> Sell a company
> Do something else

Reality test my assumptions:

I assume making 10g in 30 days will be hard
I assume I will likely fail
I assume I will fail a lot
I assume the margin for success is low
I assume it will be difficult
I assume I will make a couple thousand at best

Reality test

Making 10g in 30 days could be super easy
I could in some way make success the most likely outcome
I would make it so I succeed alot
The margin for success could be high
It could be easy
I could make more than 10g

Attain distance before deciding I need to take some time away from the problem before I make a decision

Prepare to be wrong

If I am wrong nothing changes

What if my current options dissapeared? I would probably try to put together some new business deal and focus on leveraging my network, sales ability and marketing ability

I can avoid not making 10g or I can pursue making 10g

Someone who has solved my problem:

Everyone I know who has solved my problem is in business for themselves, they control the business and they just make sales and collect money

What would be a mistake under my current assumptions?

Making money easily and treating it like it is nothing

Test instead of predict. I am going to test my assumptions.

1. Understand the current situation

The current situation is I make very little money, I am broke, depressed and miserable. The only positive thing is that I go to school

2. Identify the root cause of the problem

The root cause of the problem is a lack of financial independence, trained helplessness, lack of ambition, lack of assertiveness, lack of motivation, and making excuses

3. Develop an effective action plan

Make no excuses, refuse to accept any and all excuses
Take fast, immediate, rapid action towards a better long term outcome
Be ultra assertive

4. Execute until the problem is solved

Analysis / Activities
Information Source
No moneyExcusesMaking excuses for a lack of ability when I can do it if I get off my lazy assI am just trying to take it easy instead of addressing my problemsSelf analysis

High Impact / Easy To Implement

Getting a new place
 Getting a job
Making money online
High Impact / Hard To Implement

Making 10g
Building a business
Low Impact / Easy To Implement

Low Impact / Hard To Implement

  1. Set a clear goal

     My goal is to make 10g in 30 days 

  2. Determine the gap between the goal and the current situation

    I have 0gs and dont know exactly how I will do it 
  3. Form a hypothesis about how to close the gap and achieve the goal

    I hypothesize that I can make the money by going into business and using my sales and marketing abilities to maximum
  1. List as many options and ideas as possible

    > Sales and marketing company
    > Consultant
    > Business deals
    > Construction Co
    > Work for Shane
  2. Select the best idea as the hypothesis
  1. Check the hypothesis
  1. Determine the analyses and information required to test the hypothesis
  2. Analyze and develop an action plan

I am exhausted of doing it right now but I will continue later today or tomorrow


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