The value of the pursuit of happiness vs the pursuit of goals

Today I ran another experiment in the pursuit of happiness, it was quite interesting.

Take two possible examples to illustrate the difference:

> You think that having a significant other will lead to happiness
> You set the goal to find someone special

You meet a person, you find them attractive but they are not very nice. Your goal is to meet someone and they fit your criteria so you keep trying even though they are not nice. Eventually they cave and you end up in a relationship. Overtime the relationship deteriorates because they are still not nice and you end up miserable. Then you are single again and setting the goal of finding someone special

In contrast: You set the goal to simply pursue happiness. You meet someone you find attractive, they are not very nice though, you notice you dont feel happy around them even though they are hot. You go looking for someone else instead of trying to make it work with them. You meet someone else attractive that you have tons of fun with, you spend more time with them and live happily ever after

That to me is the key difference between pursuing happiness and pursuing goals


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