New Experiment Idea

How does self-image impact a person? I want to see if trying to adopt the self-image of three people I admire will change anything. To do this, I will meditate for 5 minutes per day on imagining myself as a fusion of three people I admire. My choices are:

> Richard Branson for being brilliant without an education and having the time of his life while smiling all the way

> Elon Musk for being brilliant and trying to change the world, dreaming dreams no one else dared to

> Steve Jobs for being absolutely fearless and doing what he thought was right regardless of what others thought  

So I will meditate for 5 minutes per day on the ideal person and the ideal life I want to have, integrating the people I admire into this ideal person.

I am also interested in the effect of listening to entrepreneur interviews on a daily basis


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