Day 8

Today was much better than yesterday although I am still frustrated and little has changed overall. Never the less it was a bit of an improvement. I noticed that one thing the videos do is frustrate the hell out of you about your present situation because you are made constantly aware of the gap between where you are and where you want to be. This does have me thinking constantly about what to do about the situation, although overall things remain more or less the same.

I give up, I realize now that trying to meet women is a losing battle that I am never going to win. Instead I am going to make friends with people and give up entirely on having a relationship with someone, the cost and the effort compared with the results I achieve simply makes it a massive waste of time and money. It is just harmful to myself and my own life to pursue this any further. Instead I will focus on making good friends and forget entirely about having another relationship. Quite simply I give up, its way too much of a waste of time and money to pursue this further.


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