Day 20

Things got a little bit better again although I am not sure why or how. Life does change slowly and gradually but I have begun to notice something in society which disturbs me. I have begun to realize and recognize the many ways in society that some people oppress others. Over time I have begun to understand the various non-obvious and non-intuitive strategies other people use to oppress and push down people within a social structure. When you move up in social status and you push upwards you suddenly become aware of all the forms of attack people can use against you.

My interpretation is different too, I noticed the more people resisted my social status and my climb upwards, the stronger my own urge to return the favour to them. I also noticed that I see negative events differently, before I would have been upset by negative events, now I see it as just an attempt to weaken my own ascent upwards and see through the obvious manipulation.

I learned that in life and society you will always have another battle to fight but if you give up or you become afraid then you have lost. Being at the top is about being unafraid of conflict about it. The second you become afraid of it, then people will get away with pushing you down.  


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