Day 16

Life continues to improve marginally, I noticed the videos tend to make me more strategic and cunning in everything I do. Life appears to be more pieces on a chess board and I repetitively analyse how to move each piece to where I want it to be. 

I noticed several things have changed about myself:

1. I have a tendency to look for other options rather than taking the first one, which often causes me to find a better choice

2. I tend to stop focusing on individual outcomes and goals and instead focus on my present overall state

3. I have a new tendency to pursue power within social structures and strategically pursue it as if I were playing chess, calculating odds and making plays to acquire what I want

4. I am far better at predicting outcomes and the future than I was before, I often know how things will play out far in advance compared to before.

5. I tend to prioritize by importance to an extreme, everything is triaged by what is most essential

6. I keep optimizing and calculating what is giving me the most value. I iteratively analyze what I have done, what the value has been from doing it, and search for better options. I keep tracking what the past has given me in terms of results and quantify the value of everything I am doing. I keep cutting out lower value activities and replacing them with higher value ones. I continually look for ways to lower costs in terms of time, money and energy while raising the value I receive.

Overall I noticed I am more strategic about everything in life. Life has become a game that I play, rather than something to be victimized by or exhausted from. I also tend to resist things that would lower my status or be better in the short term but worse over the long term.


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