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After Monitoring Results

What Do I Need To Do To Get An A?

Theory of Why Some People Do Better Than Others

New Goal

Another Goal

Learning Goals

Goals Today

Reflections So Far

Thoughts So Far

Setting Goals Results



Day 2

Day 1 of Tracking

Abandoning The Experiment

Day 11

Day 5

Day 1 of Success Notes

New 30 Day Challenge

Day 30

30 Days of 0 Excuses

Day 29

Another Idea

New Experiment Idea

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Day 27

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Day 2

Day 1 Results

What results does 30 days of Law of Attraction, Self Hypnosis and Visualization do?

Pursuit of Happiness vs Pursuit of Goals vs Pursuit of Problem Solving Round 3

The value of the pursuit of happiness vs the pursuit of goals

The Pursuit of Happiness 5 Hour Experiment

Which approach leads to a better life? The pursuit of happiness, the elimination of negative problems or the pursuit of goals?